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  • June 2023. We converted and to static websites. Some links will not work. Search is not working, please use Google.
  • August 2020. We have found an editor that will publish the book on paper format. We have also found some guys that are working on a documentary based on More news in a few months. Stay tunned.
  • August 2013. Da book about spanish hackers' history has been written :)
  • August 2012. Our crowdfunding campaign has been very successful: 6.000 euros, 170% of what we expected. Thanks to it, we'll publish a book about latin hacking. Also, aprox 30 people want to help us in writing articles for Hackstory, looking for information or giving their counseil about technical and historical facts. Thank you very much!
  • May 2012. We're doing a great crowdfunding campaign: . Thanks to it, we'll publish a book with information extracted from Hackstory: a book about spanish and latinoamerican underground on their golden age.
  • January 2011. The project re-starts.
  • November 2010. I've been pregnant and now I'm the mother of a six months old baby!! Life is beatiful, but I have no time for Hackstory. The project is not closed, just hibernated. -Mercè
  • September 2008. Project launched. It seems everybody (or almost everybody on spanish hacker forums) welcomes the idea. Some people (2 or 3) have begun to write new articles. Some other people disagree with the use of english in this wiki. For the moment, I don't want to change it. I think international community would cooperate with this project in the future. -Mercè
  • August 2008. Creating HackStory wiki.
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